The Gap and imagination

Italian artist Rebecca Agnes is pursuing an intricate cultural phenomenon in her just opened exhibition „Planets“ in the VBM20.10 gallery in roaring Berlin-Kreuzberg. The space that is unknown and inaccessible for experience or knowledge – like the historically famous white spots on the earthmap, especially in central africa and the far east – is open to be filled with pure imagination. When one also takes into account, that the human mind is not very well fitted for leaving gaps in the conception of his (perceived) world, the need to fill these gaps becomes obvious. Ranging from the tell-tale of the priest king Johannes to Marco Polos voyage into the great unknown up to the invention of the modern adventure-novel genre by Henry Rider Haggard or even contemporary Archeology Hero Indiana Jones, where the unknown is transponded into (archeological) history, these gaps have inspired the imagination of writers as well as cineasts, painters and other artists. Nowadays, to follow Rebecca Agnes in the underlying intention of her work cycle, the gap is up in the heavens, it is litterally the astronomical space itself and the stars lingering above our heads, perceived and somehow felt, but unimaginably far away, not conceivable by mind and even less experiencable physically. For her works, consisting of a variety of embroydery with black and grey twine on white canvas, she uses diffused shapes and scenerys as well as (self knitted) cards with stars, aligned with titles of science fiction novels by a variety of authors, most prominent by Asimov and H.P. lovecraft, that are written with twine inbetween the gaps between the stars, the imaginatory gap that the human mind is eager to fill with something – sense or nonsense.

copyright by Rebecca Agnes, all rights reserved

The works itself, as to be seen on the picture above, are minimalistic and very carefully arranged in an aesthetical approach that considers as well the different contrasts of the grey to black on white range as well as leaving enough space (again!) to give them a certain lightness. A complementary video projection works as an archieve of the titles and words used in the works as well as an positioning of certain terms and titles of novels on a comic-style flat map.

Planets by Rebecca Agnes

VBM20.10 Gallery, Lübbener Straße 23

Berlin- Kreuzberg


Über philippkoch

author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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