Artweek Sonata No.1


Buon giorno et arrivederci – young Italians in Berlin, Opening 12.09. exhibition open till 06.10.


Last of a series of summer exhibitions curated by Barbara Fragogna in the Emmerson Gallery, Schiffbauerdamm. Cnonceptual Positions by Andrea Penzo + Cristina Fiore, Rebecca Agnes & Elisabetta Di Maggio. Whilst being a little bit on the eclectic side – always a problem if a group exhibition is only held together by some random fact (in this case the nationality of the artists) – there are interesting positions to be examined. The carved Soap reminds of ones childhood, a Wall-collage on package inserts of antibiotics and oher pharmaceutica, notably fixated on oral sex fetish by italian art-couple Andrea Penzo + Cristina Fiore, is in its way wild enough to draw attention. Also interesting the sewed wordplays embedded in graphical structures on canvas by Rebecca Agnes. A performance made during the opening was a little bit on the lame side – lasted quite long and consisted on the very thorough pooring of water from one glas ino another. Surely a way of reflecting sustainability, process, circular movements and so on, but not really inspiring. Anyways a small exhibition worth seeing.


Preview Berlin – Opening.13.-16.09.


Ahhh – Art Fairs. What is to say about them? in their nature they are big, crowded, very mixed in quality of the shown works and art-market driven. Hard to say how business went down, the opening surely was crowded and the intriguing chattering of the art-crowd like a thunderstorm. I would have preferred some classical music. Although the Gallerys are international, the main focus lies on Berlin-based institutions, showing a lot of painting, very colourfull oftenly, more figurative than abstract and somehow „berlinerish“, although i cannot explain really what that means (maybe: in progress, somehow unfinished, not to the absolute point). Two trends that were visible though are those of the medium Collage, which were present at quite a few boothes, and drawings with pencil, oftenly in large format and overloaded with imagery, sadly the topoi of the works were mostly near a total ennui (naked women, sex, architecture\city). A medium i personally like, but not in that way. In the end the Preview is definitely worth a look, but it is not fantastic in respect of quality and actually a little bit disappointing really – Berlin can do better.

Allegro con fuoco

Preview Aftershowparty @ Prince Charles

Seriously, I did not even had the slightest clue, this club exists. Berlin has too many of them. After lining up in the queue in a backyard, you finally enter the place and infinite boredom hits you on the head. Alright, i never was a big fan of partys, especially if they are connected to fairs or other business events. Surely there is the upside of making contacts with people you otherwise rarely see, which is a plus, but the strange mixture of arty people, associated friends, gallerists in fancy suits in their late fifties and overworked assistants hunting for a quick inebriation mixed with the electro on the dancefloor and heavy flirting with that beautifull chick from the next booth you saw allday long, it is exhausting to watch and really too common somehow. Something else you notice very fast is the strange relation between the art-scene and party. It is, at least there, on this after party, inhibited. As Art business is showbusiness in a way, people behave like being watched a lot (and watch a lot). Because I had to leave early I do not know for certain, but i hope for the sake of joy and liberation that the crowd got drunk enough to forget themselves at least a little.


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author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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