October in Berlin

While the weather turns to the greyish autumn-winter skies one is used to have back here and the rain is pooring drippeldy-dippeldy down the leafs of grass in the park of your choice, it is a good time to have a look at some of the recent exhibitions around town.

Cinema is dead!

Yep, here you go, Douglas Gordon is in town, exhibiting the installation „pretty much every film and video work since 1992“ in the academy of arts, dependance Hanseatenweg near S-Bahnhof Bellevue. The ever growing Installation shown for the Käthe kollwitz price Douglas Gordon recently was awarded with now contains 93(!) monitors showing simultaneously most of his works done since 1992 (missing is the famous: „Zidane: A 21st century Portrait). The installation does have intentions of its own though, compiling the „posession“ of man, or man as a creature of (passionate) possession – snake charmers, taxi driver, the 24hour psycho and so on all link up to paint a broad picture of the „animalistic“ side that dwells in everybody, the unconscious and the overtaking of „passion“ over ratio, which also connects to the meta-subject of artistery, beinag an artist, doing art, because it does generate out of a (mostly irrational) passion itself and is out of this poured from imagination into reality in the process of making. To be sure: it is just one room, but the 93 monitors can take hours of your time if you really want to dive into the several works who are very uniquely linked in the collage that is ultimately being created.

The GDR and the camera

It is not a lovestory, the relation between the camera and its user and the socialist republic of eastern germany, slowly descending more and more into obscurity 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the german „Wiedervereinigung“. So it is high time for the exhibition „Geschlossene Gesellschaft“ (approximately translates into: enclosed community, in german used to describe private and\or public partys or events only invited persons are allowed to attend – invited here is meant ironically for „being\living“ in the GDR) showing photography as an artistic medium used in the GDR. As most dictatorial regimes, the control over the „image“ is rather important to maintain the control over the public appearance of the regime as well as to support the (in this case: socialist) propaganda of the „better world“ that is put against the „west“ or „capitalism“. It is the first international exhibition to cover the history and development of artistic photography in the GDR. Especially the differences and approaches differing from the German federal republic, the international phtotography scene are to be explored, leading to questions about iconography, freedom of art and the possibilities of „doing“ photography in a socialist community that is (said to be) restrictive to everything not in line with its ideological inclinations. „Geschlossene Gesellschaft“ just opened it doors – go and have a look if you happen to be in Berlin. For a first look take a tour to the photoseries published in „Spiegel Online“ here.

upcoming: European month of Photography

To stay „in medium“ the 5th european month of photography is coming to town end of october – from the 19th of october to the 25th of november a total of 100 exhibitions showing approximately 500 photographers (from art to portrait to documentary to fashion to product to architecture, you name it!). Starting under the motto odf „Der Blick des Anderen“ (The glance of the Other) you will be able to discover, meet old favorites and subsequently get a really good look on what is out there right now concerning contemporary photography.



Über philippkoch

author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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