Gallery tour Auguststraße and beyond

One on One

Recently opened (yesterday, to be exact), the Kunstwerke are showing „One on One“ – an exhibition with a rather unusuak setup. The idea is that the visitor is alone with the artwork, therefor nearly every exhibited piece has its own little hut in which only one person per time may enter. The goal is to create a situation of contemplation and also how the artists themselves are dealing with the situation – most of the works were newly created for this exhibition.

A Forest

The Alfred Ehrhardt Trust is showing in the 5th european month of photography pieces by photographer Michael Lange. The large scale photographys of forest scenes impress with an astonishing depth and nearly fractal like geometry created by the branches, leafs and columns of trees shown in the picture.

Shelters and Volcanoes

Neugerriemschneider – what a name for a gallery anyways -is showing photos by famous Olafur Eliasson taken in iceland and presented as a massive block of about 30 pictures for both volcanes and shelters. Besides of the Photography there are also some small installations using mirrors and treetrunks.


The gestalten space in the small passway between Gipsstraße and Sophienstraße is hosting a selection of photos by early russian colour-photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, who travelled and photographed landscapes and people throughout late czarist russia between 1905 and 1915. Thanks to the Library of Congress (who bought his works from Russia in the late 40ies) there are prints from the negatives for the first time. Sometimes with really strange colour-irregularities due to their age.


The IFA Gallery (IFA ist short for institute for foreign affairs) is showing fresh contemporary art from Tunisia, something you really do not see so very much. Interesting in their respective approaches only some of the works could really live up to their potential. Others seemed to be (naturally maybe) a little bit too naive or out of (contemporary) art-context.


Über philippkoch

author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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