Radiant: A Steampunk Performance

Starting from the burning trash can in the entrance area of what is the home of the alternative – culture association ACUD in Berlin Mitte (yes, there does exist alternative culture even now!) one enters a strange realm these days. The production team around australian performer Adam Read has transformed most of the building into a film-set like steampunk world with annotations to excavation sites and nuclear fall-out.



Before entering the performative „Zone“, one has to fill out a Visa-like form and to choose a „persona“ – Tourist, Scientist, Stalker (for treasure seeker) and get approved by the Zone-guards, dressed in pseudo-russian uniforms. afterwards, the spectacle will take you on a hour and a half long journey through nightmare like tableaus and gothic-sciency sets. Also I did not understand everything, some themes were familiar. You have the homunculus or Frankenstein myth there and you are reminded consrantly of old science fiction films from the 50ies, which is – in its sophisticated simplicity – somehow heartwarming.

Adam read based the performances on the novel „Roadside picnic“ by the brothers Strugasky, probably better known for its film adaption „Stalker“ by Andreij Tarkowski, where zones containing alien artifacts are closed for the general public and fought over by treasure hunters, military, scientists and so on.

A Video from the „research“ for the project is uploaded on vimeo, have a look.

The performances do contain nudity, lasers and confusing\flickering light-installations.

Acud – Theater
Veteranenstraße 21
20.00 Uhr
entry: 12 Euro\8 Euro reduced


Über philippkoch

author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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