Around Town – exhibitions between winter and spring

What is up, Berlin? Well, the Filmfestival berlinale was rolling through the muddy late winterdays, grey as ever and drove attention to the movies which also reflects in some interesting exhibitions. Let´s start with the Hollywoodstar!

Gaytown, James Franco

Gaytown, Installation view@peres projects

Gaytown, Installation view@peres projects

James Franco, one knows him from the movies, as a darling of – well – some would say american „indie“ cinema, but also starring in blockbusters like Spiderman. As the multitalent he seems to be, Franco also publishes books and – yes – makes art. He paints, he prints (always on the same kind of carpet, there are 378 of them on show in the exhibition), he loops and samples videos (mostly of himself) and he comments. A Gucci jackett hanging from a carpet – written on the carpet: Gucci. A Boulevard magazin phtostory on some Hollywood celebretier: BORING – written in red painted letters. The presentation is obsessive, the sujet oscillates between ironically broken monomania and criticism of the „hollywood machine“. Some other, not so easy to explain topics: sex (what else?), painted fat animals (really FAT), hatred of Spiderman (what was it with Tobey Maguire, Mr. Franco?). Gaytown stands – who has not yet realised – as a synonym for Hollywood and gaiety rather than for the homoerotic facette of that words meaning.

Peres Projects temporary Space
Karl-Marx Allee 87
tuesday to saturday 10-18.00
until 9th of march

Magnificient Obsession, Matthias Brunner

Magnificient Obsession, installation view@Nolan Judin

Magnificient Obsession, installation view@Nolan Judin

Well, magnificient is the right word to use with this extraordinary sampling of movies Brunner invented. It all circulates around Literature and cinema – sampling some 36 Films in a 4 channel video projection, especially old Hollywood (50ies and 60ies, Douglas Sirk, Hitchcock, Elia Kazan and others) and the Nouvelle vague of the french cinema (Le quatre cent coups, Truffaut, Le Mepris, Godard and so on). The subtile change of sounds and settings given by this sampling is rather extraordinary and i just advise you to go and see for yourself, if you are around Berlin.

Nolan Judin
Potsdamer Straße 83 (backyard)
tuesday to saturday 11.00 to 18.00
until the 6th of April

How to write I

piece of wood, durham

piece of wood, durham

The last in our cinema related tour de force. The Gallery and Bookshop WienLukatsch, which is celebrating their 25th birthday this year (it is an eternity for Berlin, i tell you!), will host a series of exhibition this year concerning artists and the written word. The written word is also the starting point for narratives beside of the orality. In the first edition of „How to write“ however, there are real treasures to be found. For instance Jimmy Durhams work „A piece of wood“, displaying a piece of driftwood and at its side a long, printed story that tells you the (imagined) life of this piece of wood. Also very pleasing: Three paintings by Fluxus artist George Brecht, just white canvas with white applicated words – corner, front, and last but not least – steal me.

WienLukatsch, Gallery and Bookshop
Schöneberger Ufer 65, 3. floor
tuesday to saturday 11.00 to 18.00
until 13th of April

On a short notice

As sadly quite usual with the smaller exhibition this one will be over this weekend: Mehrweg im Dickicht (Reloaded), works by Boris Duhm\Andreas Helfer (cooperative paintings from two very different artists, highly interesting and one – well – „masterpiece“ came out of it in the end) and Karsten krause, showing small formats (usually he paints in dimensions like 2meter times 2meters). The three presented their works over the summer of 2012 in a gallery in Lübeck, a small town in the north. Worth visiting, if you get to do it this Weekend!

flyer mehrweg im dickicht

flyer mehrweg im dickicht

Mehrweg im Dickicht (Reloaded)
Atelierhof Kreuzberg
Schleiermacherstraße 31-37
Monday to friday 14.00 to 18.00

Mixed Signals

flyer for the exhibition

flyer for the exhibition

A groupshow with 8 positions of Berlin based artists is on display in the (very nice) communal Gallery in the Haus am Kleistpark in Schöneberg under the title of „Mixed Signals“. Curated by artist\curator Jens Hausmann the presented artists (Isabelle Borges, Juliane Eirich, Frederik Foert, Amelie Grözinger, Jens Hausmann, Christian Henkel, Vanessa Henn and Sven Reile) work in different medias (installation, photography, painting). Although one is missing the link between the works of the artists (as so often in group shows like this), there are some really good works on display.

Haus am Kleistpark
Grunewaldstraße 6-7
Di-So 10.00 – 19.00
until 28th of march


Über philippkoch

author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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