Heaven or Hell?

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With the opening event „MACHT KUNST“, a wordplay with the actual act of making art and the power of art (macht in german is as a verb used likewise to create and as a noun as power), the now opened „Deutsche-Bank Kunsthalle“ that is replacing the „Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin“ is opening itself to the art of Berlin. Everyone – from professional to student to hobbypainter – could bring one of their works to „Unter den Linden“ and be exhibited for 24hours in those prestigious halls that have seen Picasso, Matisse, Dan Flavin and so many other famous artists over the last years. The queue this weekend was likely to be big, but it turned out to be enormous, the management of the Kunsthalle was stunned, now they even will do a second event to show all those works which did not fit into the location. The beautifull thing about this performative action conceived by Réne Block, that is probably more art in itself than it is (for the most part) showing to the public, is the total abstinence of judgement if something is „worth showing“ or has „artistic quality“. So i will not judge either, even though the event is over by tomorrow 12.00 and most of the works will again vanish into total obscurity. But so much might be said: you have everything – from emerging artists (mostly painters though) up to horses running under a full moon. The old dictum „everybody is an artist“ by good Mr. Beuys is taken seriously to a quite high degree and with the needed honesty.

Surely these kind of events have their critics. Some said, the Deutsche Bank is exploiting the artists to advertise their new venue. This is true, although it is also true, that artists do need to advertise themselves and their works too – which is turning out to be probably not too bad given the circumstances and the many visitors (had to wait myself in the queue for about 20 minutes to get in). For the Kunsthalle definitely everything wents the way they wanted to: massive media coverage in print, television, radio.

Please enjoy the (sadly bad quality) pictures below and note the first „serious!“ exhibition in the Kunsthalle opens on the 18th of april, showing works from Imram Qureshi, a Pakistani artist who was selected to be the „Deutsche Banks“ artist of the year 2013.

Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Unter den Linden 15-16, Berlin

two o´clock, room one

two o´clock, room one

shopping list - olive oil, knitted or printed on cnavas, room one, number 148

shopping list – olive oil, knitted or printed on cnavas, room one, number 148


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author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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