The city, the big unknown

After last years initial success of the artist walks program „Walk with the artist„, organised by Berlin based agency „art&tours“, specialising in private guided art-tours for groups and individuals in Berlin and Belgrade, this years edition brings you new artists and concepts worth to be discovered. Web

Next weekend from the 28th to the 30st of june, a total of nine international artists will provide interested art-lovers with intimate itineraries around town (always three in a day, please consult the details at the end of the article for detailed information), ranging from workshop style excursions to interactive-performances to historical and architectural approaches on how to view, experience and interact with the city. Because of the international Background of the artists, the walks will be mostly done in english, only some of them in German. Please consult the respective details on the agencies website. (

Besides these personal insights into the city, the participant will get into contact with the fascinating works and approaches of the emerging artist of the respective walk.

photo taken during last years artist walk with Maria Mitsopoulou

photo taken during last years artist walk with Maria Mitsopoulou

For an insight into one of the walks of last years edition, feel free to consult my review on the walk with Maria Mitsopoulou, who will again participate in the program with a new walk exclusively curated for this edition. To say it in some words: it was an astonishing – performace like adventure into the depth of Treptower Park and the local myth of the NÖK, a very particular water ghost, that is said to be living in the lake you see in the photo above.

Participating artists:

Rebecca Agnes, Paolo Barlascini, Silke Bauer, Irma Markulin, Maria Mitsopoulou, Irina Novarese, Stefanie Schairer, Viola Thiele, Chryssa Tsampazi

Friday: Viola Thiele (10:00), Irina Novarese (13:00), Rebecca Agnes (16:00)
Saturday: Irma Markulin (10:00),  Paolo Barlascini (13:00), Stefanie Schairer (16:00)
Sunday: Silke Bauer (10:00), Maria Mitsopoulou (13:00), Chryssa Tsampazi (16:00)

A detailed „Walks Calendar“ with starting points and links to the respective descriptions given by the participating artists on their walks can be found on the agencies website: „Walk with the artist“

Cost: 1 walk = 10 Euro, 4 walks Ticket = 30 Euro, Festival ticket (all 9 walks) = 60 Euro

Booking in advance is highly advisable, because the number of participants is somewhat limited due to the nature of these special „tours“.

If you are curious what might be expected, check out the videos on the walks of last years edition provided by „art&tours“.


Über philippkoch

author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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