Meeting a water ghost- Artist Walk with Maria Mitsopoulou

Aus gegebenem Anlass – In cause of recent – new!- walks this weekend –
Review on last years „Walk with the artist“ program
Meeting a water ghost.


It is for the most part a silent stroll on which we, a group of twelve twenty- and thirtysomethings follow greek artist Maria Mitsopoulou through the Treptower Park in Berlin. One could also call this Artist walk a sequence of performances lasting almost two hours. At first our group is led to a small wooden sculpture made of loose wood which is mildly resembling a Tipi without the sheltering canvas wrapped around it. Ceremonically the grainy printout of a photo is pinned to the structure. A laptop is put on the green grass, speakers aside it and a paper is handed out by the artist, going slowly from one to the next. It is a strange little song written on it. It is about a father, a son, a raven and – death, mixed up with a refrain taken from an old german folksong. The initiation ritual for this walk…

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