The Miracle on Danziger Straße

Cover of "MONOLAGE EGAL", Salon Verlag, 2016

Cover of „MONOLAGE EGAL“, Salon Verlag, 2016


To run a project space for contemporary art is one thing. To have the balls to take on a task like that on your own after your co-founders opted out is quite another. When you hold out for six years on your own, its time for a celebration and a look back.

So at first we have to congratulate LAGE EGAL and its co-founder and longtime curator and artist Pierre Granoux for the amazing work, shows, discursive interventions and just that social place on Danziger Straße where no other art place has dared to exist (as far as I know) in the 2000´s. And what better way to celebrate than publishing a book that is looking back on the work that has been accomplished. It is too long a list of artists to name them all, but the range goes from that guy fresh out of art school you have never heard about in your life to emerging, Berlin bred stars like Alicja Kwade or international figures of the art world like Marcel van Eeden – plus a good portion of interesting french artists, due to the curators heritage, to stir it up.

Weighing that pavé (the frenchmans expression for a book thick as a brick) of a book that lingers between catalogue and an art work in itself, it seems just natural. Not that documentation is everything and even if books are the sextoys of intellectuals anyways, a printed object (and rather specially printed at that, using those pointillist dots in most of its imagery) like this just beats the photos from your last opening or performance on your website or facebook page. Its a lasting legacy, a celebration of art and complicity.

Besides of this double-design of being an arty book and a documentation of LAGE EGAL it can also be used as an interesting ride through a roster of – mostly – young artists working conceptually.

So what´s the next step? Hopefully ten more years LAGE EGAL and another book!

A publication like this always reminds me of the fact, that there is the danger of loosing so much (and a lot has been lost already, I do fear) of the great work that independent art spaces have accomplished over the years from the crazy nineties until today.

I will just say it: its time for an archive that establishes a Database of all project space and exhibitions before even more gets lost in the depth of the internet, handhold documentations in some binder in some artists cellar or in the attic of someones family home.


Five years + nine months
Lage Egal 2010 – 2016
edited by Pierre Granoux
Salon Verlag, 2016
600 copies
ISBN 978-3-89770-449-7

Über philippkoch

author and curator, specializing in literature and writing on visual arts
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